Mr. Respect:
Tiger Jack
Photo by Media Mike


Marvel at the miracles
Strum the instruments
Hang the ornaments
Light the candles
Ponder the parables
Hum some hymns
Sidle slow & glow
by the mistletoe
Muse on the mystery
of life in the pine tree
Feel the holy family
Muster all ears
Make merry the merry
music of the spheres.

- Mike Hazard


Here is a list of programs we offer for sale as DVDs. Titles are $20 each plus shipping. More information about ordering is at the bottom of this page.

A Poet Poets: Roy McBride | Buy at Amazon
a film of the poetry of Roy McBride, made by Mike Hazard. 25:41

Cold Mountain | Buy at Amazon
a creative documentary portrait of the Chinese poet Han Shan with Gary Snyder, Burton Watson, Red Pine and Jim Lenfestey. 28:15

Mr. Positive: Carl Bentson | Buy at Amazon
a documentary about a good neighbor who does his best to clean up the world, made by Mike Hazard and Emily Rumsey. 27:40

C. Beck | Buy at Amazon
a documentary about the artist, Charles Beck, created by Deb Wallwork and Mike Hazard. 7:45

The Magic Green School Bus: Paul Wellstone | Buy at Amazon
a documentary about the late teacher and senator from Minnesota, created by Lake Country School and Media Mike. 28:30

Four Sisters for Peace | Buy at Amazon
a documentary about peace and justice with the McDonald sisters, created by Southside Family School and Media Mike. 27:06

Eugene McCarthy: I'm Sorry I was Right | Buy at Amazon
a portrait of the poet, politician and civic gadfly, created by Mike Hazard. 28:35

American Grizzly: Frederick Manfred | Buy at Amazon
a portrait of the late Siouxland novelist. Produced by Jim Mulligan and Mike Hazard. 28:16

A Sampler of Minnesota Poets
Phebe Hanson, Louis Jenkins, Michael Dennis Browne, Margaret Hasse, Jim Moore, Robert Bly, Rolf Jacobsen and Rumi. Produced by Mike Hazard. 15:30

A Man Writes to a Part of Himself: Robert Bly | Buy at Amazon
a documentary on the poet, including poems by Rumi, Kabir, Neruda, Yeats. Produced by Greg Pratt and Mike Hazard. 57:30

The Movie at the End of the World: Thomas McGrath | Buy at Amazon
a documentary on the late poet, writer and screenwriter. Produced by Mike Hazard and Paul Burtness. 56:56)

Mr. Respect: Tiger Jack Rosenbloom
a documentary about a legendary shopkeeper and street philosopher. 11:00

With Reservations: Jim Northrup | Buy at Amazon
a documentary with videopoems by the Anishinaabe/Chippewa/Ojibwe writer. 28:42

The Collection: David Bengtson and Media Mike
a suite of ten videopoems created as artist residencies. 22:28

a swarm of bug haiku with the Japanese poet Issa. 10:06

The Painted Eye: Jerry Rudquist | Buy at Amazon
a portrait of a painter painting a self-portrait with a collection of his favorite self-portraits by other artists. 5:07


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Mr. Positive
Mr. Positive is a film portrait of Carl Bentson. Born with a disability and the best attitude on earth, Carl is community. Photo by Media Mike

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