The poetry of Roy McBride.

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"I don't want you to understand my poetry. I want my poetry to understand you." --Roy McBride


My grandfather, who can neither read nor write, wears a pen- and-pencil set in the pocket of his Sunday coat. One night when I was in the fourth grade, he watched me do my homework, rocking in his chair by the stove. "Son," he said with a smile, "you've really got a nice hand, a real nice hand." Roy McBride

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A POET POETS: ROY McBRIDE is a half-hour film of the poetry of Roy McBride.

This film has been created by Mike Hazard, Mike Rivard, Paul Bernhardt, Jeff Sylvestre, Blue Moon and Les Skoropat with support from Lucinda Anderson, Lacinea Tyler McBride, Traffic Street Press, David Rich, Paulette Myers-Rich, Wet Paint, Pragmactic, Electric Jet Interactive, Map for Nonprofits, Cashel Fund, Taleeh Foods, Heart of the Beast Theatre, Minnesota State Arts Board and Bush Foundation. It is dedicated to the memory of Paul Tirrell.

Praises and Prizes

"He is the pastor of the street poets." Kevin O'Rourke, writer

"This is fantastically funky." Chuck Olsen, media maestro

"A beautiful piece: so Roy-like, with circularities and humor and rhythms and unguarded faces and good humor." Margaret Hasse, poet

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