The Magic Green School Bus

A documentary portrait of the late teacher and senator Paul Wellstone.

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The Magic Green School Bus:
Paul Wellstone

"Try not to separate the life you live from the words you speak." --Paul Wellstone

The Magic Green School Bus is an engaging half-hour documentary about the late teacher and senator from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone.  The film was created by a class of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at Lake Country Montessori School in Minneapolis working with their teacher Malinda Holte and the artist Media Mike Hazard. It is for people of all ages.

Louis Umbarger on sound and Corky Harrer on camera, recording for The Magic Green School Bus.
Photo: Paul Umbarger

The film features interviews with Mark Anderson, Jeff Blodgett, Pam Christian, Pakou Hang, Bill Holm, Rick Kahn, Connie Lewis, Jim Ramstad and Paul Scott. Music is by Mason Jennings, Larry Long, Larry McDonough and the students.

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For more about Paul Wellstone, go to Wellstone Action.


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"This is the film I am going to show my grandchildren so they can learn what Paul Wellstone meant to us." --Rick Kahn, Wellstone Action board member

"It is delightful. And a brilliant idea to tell his story through the magic bus, the bus driver, the utterly charming children! It is a good example of how to take a subject that at first glance seems rather dull, and invest it with vitality, humor, inspiration, without sacrificing serious ideas." --Howard Zinn, historian

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