Jim Northrup:
With Reservations

Jim Northrup is a Vietnam vet. Photo by Media Mike

Rez Car: A Poem by Jim Northrup

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Harvesting birchbark to make traditional baskets for winnowing wild rice, Northrup holds the bark to the sun. Photo by Media Mike
"In a continental context, Northrup's stories belong to the tradition of N. Scott Momaday, Leslie Marmon Silko, James Welch, Tom King, and other modern Native American writers in Canada and the United States. The sacred hoop will come together as stories like these teach us to walk a mile in one another's moccasins, Reeboks, wingtips or whatever." --Meg Aerol, editor

Jim Northrup: With Reservations is a wild trip through Indian Country. This half-hour portrait of the Anishinaabe / Ojibwe / Chippewa writer/activist from Naagajiwanaang (Fond du Lac) in northern Minnesota was created by Mike Hazard and Mike Rivard.

A lively mix of powwows, wild ricing, a moose hunt, the sugar bush, the Vietnam Wall and life on the Rez, we follow Northrup traveling all over the country, living his life in the circle of the seasons.

Nationally released on PBS through the National Educational Telecommunications Association, the video has been Winner of Best of Show at the Red Earth Film Festival/Oklahoma and Fargo Film Festival/North Dakota, and featured at Dreamspeakers/Edmonton, Taos Talking Pictures/New Mexico, and other festivals.

Excellent for all people interested in Native America, the Vietnam War, poetry and/or barbed humor, the film was a project of The Center for International Education; The Center then donated the program to Native Arts Circle. Click here to order the video.

For more about Jim Northrup: http://www.jimnorthrup.org

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