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by Media Mike

"Mike Hazard is a video verb. He inspires, informs, prods, energizes, dreams, illuminates, shoots, praises, writes, edits, directs, models, feeds back and celebrates with the art of television. When students and teachers work with Media Mike, they work in sync." - David Bengtson, poet and teacher, Long Prairie Grey Eagle High School

Media Mike

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FOR THE CIE 1972-2014

1972 The CIE was created and named by Dr. Patrick D. Hazard, the person who says his revenge on America was bringing Monty Python to the USA while he was a consultant at Time-Life Films

1973 Walt's Vault fund established to fix up Walt Whitman's tomb in Camden, New Jersey

1974 Incorporation as a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 corporation to make and distribute all kinds of media about poets, writers and artists from around the world

1975 A Sampler of Minnesota Poets broadcast in Minnesota

1976 First Annual I.F. Stone Competition for undergraduate investigative journalism, The IZZIES

1977 Second Annual Walt Whitman International Media Competition for poetry and sound performance on audiotape

1978 Coproduction with University Community Video of A Man Writes to a Part of Himself: Robert Bly

1979 Museroom—a public radio series on the arts and media, based in Santa Rosa, California

1980 House organ changes from i.e. to The Whole Shebang—an odd publication which changes shape with each issue

1981 The Movie at the End of the World: Thomas McGrath nationally telecast on PBS on Flag Day

1982 The First Annual CIE Athletic Arts Event—an Olympic video event in which 104 people planned and recorded their own performances in various sports

1983 American Grizzly: Frederick Manfred nationally telecast on The Learning Channel, supported by MacArthur Foundation

1984 Minnesota Muses—a series of public TV broadcasts in Minnesota featuring Meridel Le Sueur and others

1985 The Antenna Project—a set of four videos by ten artists

1986 Foreign Film—a PSA for the Year of Reconciliation, in Lakota (Sioux) with English subtitles, played in five state region of upper midwest

1987 Impressive Saint Paul—prints of Saint Paul by six artists

1988 Nothing much seemed to happen; survived

1989 A Short History of Memory—an anecdotal, multimedia history of communications which demonstrates The CIE's first principle: Depend on no one medium.

1990 Peace Works—a half-hour TV show with poems and art about peace, played nationally on The Peacemakers Network

1991 Poeting for Etheridge Knight—a memorial tribute video for the late African American poet from Indianapolis

1992 Ogichidag/Warriors telecast on ALIVE TV on PBS

1993 The Twins TV Newsbuggy, a mobile communications vehicle in an old-fashioned baby carriage

1994 Juneteenth Youth Works Videos—a minifest for TV of African American videos

1995 Tamamushi-Iro: Issa—a swarm of bug haiku by the Japanese poet Issa

1996 Jim Northrup: With Reservations—a documentary with the Anishinaabe/Chippewa/Ojibwe writer from Fond Du Lac, Minnesota

1997 The Painted Eye: Jerry Rudquist—a video portrait about seeing things

1998 Mr. Respect: Tiger Jack Rosenbloom—a community lesson for the whole world featuring the philosophy of a legendary nonagenarian shopkeeper

1999 Media Mike Hazard became the first employee of The CIE

2000 Birds of Paradise—a multimedia exhibition exploring the art and science of birds

2001 Eugene McCarthy: I’m Sorry I was Right—a documentary portrait of the poet and politician from Watkins, Minnesota

2002 100th artist residency in the schools, teaching people of all ages how to tell their own stories with television

2003 We worked to make peace, with two new videos: Peace Works and Four Sisters for Peace

2004 Artist in residence Mike Hazard created a pan-media collection of pictures, poems and profound objects with light as a theme called Solar Power & Moonshine

2005 THE MAGIC GREEN SCHOOL BUS is a portrait of the late teacher and senator from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone

2006 C. BECK is a video snapshot of the old master, Charles Beck, speaking of the mystery of art

2007 MR. POSITIVE shows how one person can inspire everyone to clean up the world and be a good neighbor

2008 Mike Hazard is awarded a Bush Artist Fellowship

2009 Cold Mountain portrays the Tang Dynasty Chinese poet Han Shan

2010 Media Mike plays with Facebook

2011 A POET POETS profiles Roy McBride, the people's poet

2012 Cornucopia was presented by Media Mike at the Saint Paul Farmers Market, a harvest feast of pictures and poems

2013 This World Is Not Altogether Bad - poetry by Mike Hazard, published by Red Dragonfly Press

2014 INCONTEXT - a video portrait of Monica Rudquist

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