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From left to right, Kate, Jane, Rita and Brigid McDonald. Photo: Kaia Svien

"I really believe that music and arts keep us alive; the art community keeps our souls nourished and alive. So whatever you do, no matter how serious things get, and things are serious, always remember to sing, dance, act and perform any chance you get." Kate McDonald

"I'm trying to purr in life instead of always being agitated. So my cats teach me how to purr. I say I'm going to purr for the world." Brigid McDonald

"When you think of war, young people, the first casualty is Mother Earth herself." Jane McDonald

"It feeds my soul to know that I can be there, and therefore it's like, I better be there." Rita McDonald

People Say

"It's a gem, a story that both inspires and informs." Colman McCarthy/Center for Teaching Peace

"We liked working on Four Sisters for Peace with Media Mike Hazard. One reason is that we learned how to use video equipment. Also, we enjoyed learning about the McDonald Sisters' family, beliefs and so much more. It was fun having "Sister Sightings" when our class went to rallies. They were at everything from anti-war rallies to welfare rights rallies. The main thing we learned is that young and old can work together for peace, justice and change." Tristan Brown, De'Sean Dwyer and Libby Sweet/Southside students

"This documentary is about singing for our lives, civil obedience, holy community, the evil of killing, playing with your pets and multigenerational activism. The school theme is "Kids Make History" and that is exactly what they did and do." Mike Hazard/artist-in-residence for The Center for International Education

"This is the first progressive film I have seen which I can show to students of all ages because of the positive messages this program depicts." Pepperwolf/elementary school librarian

The program is good for all people from about ten years old and older who are interested in peace studies and social activism.

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