I'm Sorry I was Right

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D.L. Mabery Award/Minnesota's Oscar
Great Plains Film Festival/First Prize
Fargo Film Festival/First Prize
Best of Taste
Athens Video Festival/Honorable Mention
Best Film of the Year/City Pages


"Damn good. It moved, me." - Eugene McCarthy

"Congrats on getting Gene down on tape. Hope it gets seen overseas." - Pete Seeger, folk singer

"What a great title!" - Roger Ebert, film critic

"Yes, a great title, as Roger Ebert says. But more than that, a heartwarming evocation of a gentle, wise, courageous man. I like very much the presentation of his poems. It is a poignant piece of recent history." - Howard Zinn, historian

"I've just seen "I'm Sorry I was Right" and think its style wonderfully appropriate for the man. Its length and modest presentation must make it unique as a portrait of an important political figure. I predict it will live a long time." - George Stoney, filmmaker and teacher

"It gets better every time I watch it." - Carol Connolly, poet

"Hazard's biography achieves a rare transcendence. The poetry reveals sensitivity and grace that distills the life's work and leaves the viewer with a sorrowful but not altogether defeated sense of the endless frustration of life." - Collier White, Object Magazine

"Hazard's film deftly mixes archival footage with talking-head interviews and gently observed scenes of McCarthy to create a disarming portrait of an enduring activist." - Rob Nelson, film critic, City Pages

"This is a fascinating and positive look at the life of an American original. For all video collections." - Stephen Hupp, Library Journal

"Though remembered mainly for his dove-like qualities today, McCarthy was a full-on liberal, an incisive debater, and a champion of the common man for decades. This exceptionally affordable independent documentary is recommended." - Video Librarian

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